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A journey of Aspiration

Anywhere Travel

Our travel Program includes


Opportunities for participants to explore new places, cultures, and experiences, opening up a world of possibilities.


Gain new knowledge and skills through workshops, lectures, and hands-on experiences to develop irreplaceable skills.


Fosters meaningful connections with people from around the world, building a global network of like-minded individuals


Engage in sustainable tourism practices and make a positive impact on the communities we visit.


Inspires participants to aspire to be their best selves, to pursue their passions, and to make a difference in the world.

Designed Travel Programs for


FLOW Retreat
2023 F/W
Serenity Escape
4-day Hualien retreat to heal your mind and body
Chaing Mai, Thailand Pavilion
2023 F/W
Nomad Quest
2-week Chiang Mai adventure for digital nomads seeking meaning and cultural exchange
Hakodate, Hokkaido, Japan
Coming in 2024
Simplicity Retreat
4-day Niseko retreat experience a slower pace of life & learn to appreciate the beauty in simplicity

Designed Travel Programs for

Creativity & Aestheticism

2023 F/W
Creative Oasis
3-week Los Angeles tour to cultivate creativity and nurture wellness
Coming in 2024
Cultural Odyssey
3-week Los Angeles tour to cultivate creativity and nurture wellness
Chefchaouen, Marocco
Coming in 2024
Soulful Journey
10-day Morocco tour to find inspiration and connect with your soul

Designed Travel Programs for


Aurora borealis on the Lofoten islands, Norway. Green northern lights above mountains.
2023 F/W
Scandinavian EcoWander
10-day Finland & Sweden
Nordic Sustainable Travel Exchange
Farm Taiwan
Coming in 2024
Taiwan Sustainable Escapes
Experience the eco-friendly side of Taiwan's culture, cuisine, and nature.
Woman traveling in La Roque Gageac village, France
Coming in 2024
French Eco-Exploration
10-day France
Discovering sustainable practices and natural wonders in France.

How to join?


I had an amazing time exploring Chiang Mai with Anywhere Travel. The city has such a vibrant culture and there was always something new to discover. The community of digital nomads I met through Anywhere was incredibly supportive and made the experience even more enjoyable. It was the perfect blend of work and play, and I can't wait to do it again!
During my digital nomad experience in Thailand, I gained valuable insights and inspiration in the world of remote work, thanks to the Anywhere community. I'm looking forward to joining Anywhere's future travel events, as I believe that relaxation is key to sparking creativity.


Are there any language requirements to join Anywhere travel?

At Anywhere travel, we strive to make our programs accessible to as many people as possible, regardless of their language abilities. While language requirements can vary depending on the specific travel program, we always make sure to note any language requirements in the itinerary. However, please note that the majority of our programs are conducted in Chinese.


Anywhere travel is suitable for anyone who has a passion for travel, learning, and connection. Our community is made up of creators, innovators, and lifelong learners who are interested in exploring the world, meeting new people, and gaining new insights and perspectives.

Do your tours include airfare?

Our travel programs do not include airfare as the cost may vary depending on departure locations and travel dates. However, we understand that booking flights can be daunting, and we are more than happy to provide assistance in finding and booking flights that align with your travel plans. Please feel free to reach out to our customer service team for further information and assistance.

How many people are typically in a travel group?

The size of our travel groups can vary depending on the program, but we aim to keep our groups small and intimate, with no more than 30 participants. This allows for a more personalized and immersive experience and enables our participants to form deeper connections with each other and with the local community.

What is included in the cost of a travel program?

Each travel program is different, but most of our programs include accommodations, local transportation, and some meals. Some programs may also include workshops, classes, or other learning opportunities. However, please note that airfare to and from the destination is not included in the cost.

Can I customize a travel program to suit my interests and preferences?

While we offer a range of pre-designed travel programs, we also offer the option to customize a program to suit your specific interests and preferences. We work closely with our participants to create a tailored travel experience that meets their unique needs and goals, whether that’s focusing on a particular theme, location, or type of activity.

Create lifelong journeys
Travel transforms our life and perspective, unlocking a new way of thinking and providing a profound, life-changing experience that inspires us.
Build meaningful connections
Create opportunities for adults to pursue study tours, build meaningful memories and connections, and tap into a global network with local resources.
Emphasizing Humanity
With the rise of AI, remembering what makes us human is more important than ever. We hoped that our designed travel programs would provide opportunities for learning and workshops to develop irreplaceable skills and lifestyles.
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